“Aniston and Ellen: A Hilarious Friendship on Display as the Actress Guest Hosts for the First Time”

Seventeen years ago, Jennifer Aniston was Ellen’s first guest on her show. Recently, Aniston took the opportunity to guest host for her friend Ellen while she claimed to be at the DMV. During the episode, Aniston playfully shared some funny secrets about Ellen and jokingly referred to them as “deep, dark secrets.” Despite Ellen’s absence, the show ran smoothly and Aniston looked fabulous as she took over hosting duties.

Welcome Jen: Jennifer Aniston looked sublime as she guest-hosted for Ellen DeGeneres on her hit daytime show Friday

Greetings Jen! The stunning Jennifer Aniston took on the role of guest host for the popular daytime show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres on Friday.

And now: Aniston also reminded the audience that The Ellen DeGeneres Show is filmed on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, which just so happened to have been Aniston's professional home when she was filming Friends from 1994 to 2004

Aniston brought to the attention of the audience that The Ellen DeGeneres Show is recorded at Warner Bros. studio located in Burbank, where Aniston spent most of her professional career from 1994 to 2004 filming the hit TV series Friends.

Jen made a playful comment about Ellen’s wealth, stating that she throws pennies away into the garbage in front of people, calling them “good luck pennies.” Aniston also revealed that she cannot enter Ellen’s dressing room due to her use of Gwyneth Paltrow candles. After a few more jokes, Aniston shared a little-known fact about their past, saying that she was actually the first guest on Ellen’s talk show when it premiered on September 8, 2003, leading to its long-running success and multiple Emmy Awards.

'I was actually Ellen's very first guest on this show!': Jen began reminiscing about the past and shared a true 'secret,' or rather, little-known fact about her and Ellen

Jen took a trip down memory lane and revealed an interesting tidbit about herself and Ellen during her appearance as the inaugural guest on the show.

Baby Jen: She was referring to her September 8, 2003 appearance on Ellen's show, which indeed was the first-ever episode of the long-running, Emmy Award-winning talk show

In one of her interviews, Baby Jen mentioned her appearance on the Ellen show on September 8, 2003. This episode was the first-ever episode of the renowned talk show that has received numerous Emmy Awards.

Absent host: Ellen was not hosting Friday's episode because she said she had to go to the DMV

Ellen was unable to host the episode on Friday, citing her absence as due to a prior commitment at the DMV.

Although footage of her first appearance on “The Ellen Show” can be found on YouTube, Jennifer Aniston decided to recreate the clip last Friday using child actors to imitate her and Ellen’s voices from back then. This comes after she won a SAG Award for her role in “The Morning Show” and reminisced about hosting “The Ellen Show,” which is filmed on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, California – where Aniston worked earlier in her career.

A hot guest: Selena Gomez talked about their first meeting in the bathroom of an event

Selena Gomez shared a spicy anecdote about her first encounter with a notable guest. Apparently, they crossed paths in the bathroom of an event.

A rare sight: The singer looked elegant in a long black dress as she promoted her Rare album

It was a unique sight to see the performer looking stunning in a floor-length black gown while promoting her latest album, titled “Rare”.

She has arrived: Selena also said that she loves the respect she has garnered for Rare

Selena Gomez has made an appearance on Jennifer Aniston’s talk show. The singer revealed that she loves the respect she has received for her latest album, Rare. During the show, Aniston reminisced about her time on the sitcom Friends, which she starred in for ten years. She also shared a video gag of herself hiding out on the set of Central Perk, which is part of the permanent studio tour at Warner Brothers. In the clip, she jumps out from behind the couch to scare guests. The episode, which will air on Friday, features guests Will Ferrell and Selena Gomez.

Funny people chatting: The episode, which airs Friday, will see Aniston welcome guests Will Ferrell...

On Friday’s episode, viewers can expect some laughs as Aniston invites the hilarious Will Ferrell and other guests to join in on the conversation.

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