“Beauty is a Bittersweet Curse: Scarlett Johansson on the Challenges of Being Too Attractive for Hollywood”

I’m too se*y for my job: Scarlett Johansson on losing out on film roles because of her smouldering appearance

Hollywood’s sizzling icon, Scarlett Johansson, claims that her striking looks have not always been advantageous to her career. In fact, the actress has missed out on coveted roles due to being deemed “too sexy.” While discussing this issue, she revealed that it has happened to her before and expressed frustration at the situation, asking herself why casting directors couldn’t see beyond her appearance. According to Johansson, challenging oneself is a crucial aspect of casting, and she believes that her good looks should not overshadow her acting abilities.

I'm too sexy for my work: Scarlett Johansson has said that she's lost out on roles because she is too sexy

Scarlett Johansson has recently revealed that she lost some acting roles because of her being too sexy. According to her, it is fascinating to see actors transform and there are times when she is definitely not perceived as sexy. However, she still maintains her appearance by staying healthy but not being too rigid with her diet and exercise routine. She admits to enjoying life and indulging in a glass or two of wine, staying up late occasionally, and eating cake. Nonetheless, she tries to balance it out by working out, eating well, and getting enough rest most of the time.

Natural beauty: Scarlett transformed into a more down to earth look for her film We Bought A Zoo

Scarlett Johansson opted for a more natural look in the movie We Bought A Zoo. She transformed her appearance to be more down to earth, and she revealed that her secret to looking good is eating lots of kale. In fact, she tries to avoid meat and dairy products as much as possible.

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Director Cameron Crowe didn’t let Scarlett’s famous curves and pout influence his decision to cast her as zookeeper Kelly in We Bought A Zoo, which has just been released on DVD. Scarlett expressed her excitement in working with him, stating that every time they worked together, it was amazing, regardless of whether she landed the role or not. She added that he makes you think outside the box and encourages you to try out different approaches while discussing the character’s depth. Building a character with him over months was a beautiful thing.

Smouldering: Her looks certainly weren't an issue for the actress' more recent role in The Avengers

In her recent role in The Avengers, Scarlet’s appearance was not a concern. During the filming of We Bought A Zoo, she had to interact with various animals such as tigers and snakes, but there is one creature that really gets to her – cockroaches. Scarlet admits to having a strange childhood trauma involving cockroaches, making her unable to handle them. Even if it meant delivering an outstanding performance, she believes she would be paralyzed by any situation involving these creepy crawlers. While tigers and lions are majestic, cockroaches are a no-go for her.

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Scarlet worked with kids in the movie and expressed that she would like to have her own children someday. She clarified that it’s not happening anytime soon, but having a couple of kids running around would be lovely.

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