Contemplative Shakira Takes a Break from Dating Drama to Enjoy Jet Skiing with Her Children

Shakira, the popular singer, appeared to be in a contemplative mood while spending quality time with her family on a boating excursion, amid rumors regarding her romantic life. She decided to take her kids out for an exciting ride on a jet ski in Miami’s stunning waters, after their first day back at school.

As the sun began to set, she took control behind the wheel and cruised along with her two children, Milan and Sasha, aged 9 and 7 respectively. They were rejoicing the completion of their first day back in school by taking a ride on the water. While the kids appeared to be having a great time, Shakira remained pensive during their speedy journey.

The cute pictures show Shakira wearing a cozy pink outfit consisting of light pink shorts and a tie-dye pink short-sleeved t-shirt while steering the high-speed watercraft with her children. The beautiful singer styled her caramel hair in a high bun and looked effortlessly stunning without makeup. All three individuals in the photos are wearing life jackets.

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