“Cracking the Code of Shakira’s Latest Track with Karol G: Unraveling the Love Messages to Pique”

Their romantic ties came to an end in the preceding year.

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The release of Karol G and Shakira’s latest song, ‘TQG’, has sparked excitement in the music industry. Interestingly, Shakira’s earnings have reportedly increased as her songs take aim at Pique and his girlfriend Clara Chia. Shakira has a history of using her music to express her grievances with her ex-partner Gerard Pique, and her latest track seems to be no exception. In January, she caused a stir with her Music Sessions #53 where she openly expressed her feelings. With ‘TQG’, Shakira appears to have taken another opportunity to send messages to Pique through her music. The lyrics of the song contain seven distinct messages related to their relationship.

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Shakira has thrown shade at her ex-partner Gerard Pique in her latest song collaboration with Karol G, titled TQG. The song begins with Karol G taking aim at her own former partner Anuel AA, and Shakira follows suit with powerful lyrics that suggest she has moved on from her past with Pique. She even brushes off the insults hurled at her by Pique’s current girlfriend. This isn’t the first time Shakira has called out Pique and his rumored new relationship in her songs. In TQG, she questions Pique’s motives for wanting to reconcile and criticizes his behavior.

3. The Errors I Avoided
In this verse, Shakira mentions her ex-partner Pique possibly hinting at wanting to get back together. However, she stresses that she won’t repeat the same mistake again.
4. “Stronger”
Interestingly, some of the lyrics in this song are reminiscent of her Music Sessions #53 track. She proclaims, “You departed, and I transformed into triple M: mightier, tougher, and more resilient.”
5. Akin to
During her performance with Karol G, Shakira makes a memorable statement implying that Pique attempted to reconcile by liking one of her pictures. “And you want to come back, I already knew it when you liked one of my photos,” she croons.

In one of her verses, Shakira references the popular song from last year called ‘Monotonia’ and recalls how someone had claimed to be bored and left in pursuit of something new but now wishes to return. She adds a playful comment that she had seen through their actions of liking her photos. In her latest song, she also addresses Pique’s partner and asks him to relay a message to their new baby. Shakira asserts that she is not in a competition for men and wants to make it clear to her ex-lover’s current flame.

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