“Fashion Blooms: Katy Perry’s Floral Jumpsuit & Cigarette Style Choices at the Cinema”

Katy Perry was spotted at the cinema with her friends, but she seemed to be more interested in chatting and smoking cigarettes than actually watching the film. Despite the negative impact it can have on her singing voice, the 27-year-old singer didn’t seem concerned and continued indulging in her unhealthy habit.

Nicotine fix: Katy Perry puffed on a cigarette as she prepared to watch a film at the cinema in Hollywood today

As Katy Perry waited to enjoy a movie at the Arclight theatre in Hollywood, she was spotted smoking a cigarette. The singer’s colorful and eye-catching attire, which included a floral playsuit that accentuated her curves and long legs, drew a lot of attention. Her dark locks were styled in a simple low bun, and she wore black ballet flats and sunglasses to cope with the heat. In addition to her companions, Raising Hope actress Shannon Woodward and another female friend were also present.

Taking the plunge: The pop star sported a low-cut floral playsuit which showed off her ample cleavage and slim pins

Without any hesitation, the singer fearlessly wore a jumpsuit adorned with floral patterns and a low-cut neckline that perfectly highlighted her well-proportioned body and defined muscles.

Girls' day out: Katy was joined by close pal Shannon Woodward (R) and another female friend at the Arclight movie theatre

Katy had a fantastic time hanging out with her best gal pals. She enjoyed the day with Shannon Woodward (located on the right side) and another friend at the Arclight cinema.

Tasty treat: Katy made sure to pick up her popcorn before heading outside for her smoke break

Tasty treat: Katy made sure to pick up her popcorn before heading outside for her smoke break

Katy and her friends were ready to enjoy their movie night. Before heading outside for a smoke break, she made sure to grab her popcorn bucket. The group was having a blast, sharing jokes and stories while puffing on their cigarettes. Katy had already prepared a large tub of popcorn to snack on during the film, and luck had it that she scored free tickets from a cinema staff member. Rumors were circulating that her newfound happiness was due to her relationship with John Mayer, as they have been seen together multiple times, including a recent dinner date where Katy was spotted leaving John’s car the next day.

Fun with friends: Katy looked like she was enjoying spending a rare day off with her pals

Having fun with friends: Katy appeared to be having a blast on her much-needed vacation with her buddies.

Film fanatic: Katy was clutching a tub of popcorn as she signed up for free movie tickets

Enthusiastic about movies, Katy eagerly got herself a tub of buttered popcorn as she registered for free movie tickets to catch her favorite films.

Budding romance: Katy is rumoured to be dating fellow singer John Mayer and the pair have been spotted together several times recently

There has been speculation that Katy Perry and John Mayer may have a romantic relationship, given the frequency of their recent hangouts.

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