“Jennifer Aniston Stuns in Plunging Gown for SmartWater Ad Campaign”

Jennifer Aniston was spotted at a SmartWater photoshoot in Universal City, Los Angeles on Tuesday, where she looked stunning in a black and white full-length dress that accentuated her décolletage. Despite her husband Justin Theroux’s absence, she appeared to be getting close to a handsome man. Rather than wearing casual attire like jeans and a t-shirt, Aniston opted for a more formal look. Check out the video below for more details.

A special friend: Jennifer Aniston caressed a man on the set of a SmartWater photo shoot in the Universal City neighborhood of Los Angeles on Tuesday

Recently, a photo shoot for SmartWater took place in the Universal City area of Los Angeles. During this shoot, Jennifer Aniston was spotted hugging a man with great affection, hinting towards his importance in her life.

Is he fixing her dress? The Friends vet was not in jeans and a T-shirt either. Rather the beautiful blonde was dressed to the nines as she showed off her chest in a plunging  white gown

Could it be that he’s adjusting her dress? The leading lady from the show Friends decided to go for a formal look, opting for a stunning white dress that highlighted her cleavage, giving her a stunning appearance.

She can't lose the guy! The salt and pepper mystery man was most likely the photographer for the stylish shoot

During a trendy photo session, Jennifer Aniston was seen focusing all her attention on an unknown gentleman with salt and pepper hair. It was clear that she valued his presence and did not want to lose him! Aniston, famous for her role in Horrible Bosses, seemed relaxed and at ease around him, even placing both hands on his neck and face during a break from posing. She looked stunning with her long, straight blonde hair and dramatic red-carpet makeup, completed with her engagement ring from Wanderlust co-star. The gentleman, who appeared to be the photographer for the shoot, wore a plain white t-shirt, black jeans, and white sneakers while operating the camera during the water bottle company’s shoot.

Bling it on! Aniston also was wearing her diamond engagement ring from her Wanderlust co-star Justin Theroux

Bling it on! Aniston also was wearing her diamond engagement ring from her Wanderlust co-star Justin Theroux

Add some pizzazz! Aniston showed off her dazzling engagement bauble, a magnificent diamond gifted to her by her Wanderlust companion and beau, Justin Theroux.

Here's looking at you, kid! The beauty was ravishing with her long blonde locks stick straight and her makeup done in a dramatic red-carpet style

Hi! Wow, you are simply stunning! The lady had long, straight blonde locks flowing down her back and her makeup was flawlessly done in a bold and daring fashion, making her look like a true star at an awards ceremony.

Hair today: Aniston seemed to be in good spirits as she  played with her golden locks

Hair today: Aniston seemed to be in good spirits as she  played with her golden locks

Jennifer Aniston was recently seen on the set, in a lively mood as she played around with her gorgeous blonde tresses. Her longtime hair stylist and co-founder of Living Proof, Chris McMillian, accompanied her alongside a talented female makeup artist to ensure that she looked her absolute best. The actress was also seen holding an iPad while amusing herself with her hairdo antics. Aniston, who graced the cover of Vogue not too long ago, tied the knot with fellow actor Justin Theroux in August 2015 at their luxurious Bel-Air mansion. Among the guests present were fellow actresses Sandra Bullock and Courteney Cox. After their big day, the happy couple spent time honeymooning in Mexico and then settled into their New York residence for the past year.

Her steady dude: Also seen on set was Aniston's longtime hairstylist Chris McMillian who she launched Living Proof with

Aniston’s constant companion is none other than her trusted hairdresser, Chris McMillian. The two were recently spotted on set together, which is not surprising given their close working relationship. In fact, it’s interesting to note that Aniston and McMillian worked together to co-create the successful hair care brand, Living Proof.

That looks like it hurts! Chris, who has also worked with Kim Kardashian, pulled on the Emmy winner's tendrils

“Ouch, that must be painful!” Chris, who coincidentally collaborated with Kim Kardashian, delicately tugged on the locks of the Emmy award winner.

She earns it! The Bruce Almighty star had to bend her back to let her McMillian do his thing

Jennifer Aniston has been keeping herself busy juggling her acting career and supporting her husband, Justin Theroux. While Justin was occupied filming The Leftovers in Australia, Jennifer was busy shooting for Office Christmas Party in New York. Despite rumors of her pregnancy during the summer, Justin recognizes Jennifer’s strength in handling life’s challenges and admires her for overcoming obstacles and achieving her goals.

Lash fix: It also looked as if her makeup artist was pulling off one of her lashes

She had beautiful eye makeup, but it seemed like her lashes were causing a problem. It was apparent that her makeup artist was having difficulty applying them correctly. Did you happen to notice this as well?

Does it really take this many people to shoot a picture? Apparently, yes. There were at least a dozen people on set. And there is Jennifer's mystery man behind the camera

Is it necessary to have twelve individuals present just to capture a single image? It seems as though that’s the case based on the number of people who were on set. Additionally, Jennifer’s partner was also present, further increasing the grand total. Despite this, it’s evident that their bond is stronger than ever before, as they recently commemorated their first-year anniversary in a heartwarming and significant manner. Justin went above and beyond to spend time with his beloved spouse for the occasion, flying from Australia all the way to Los Angeles. As per an insider who spoke with People magazine, “Justin flew from Australia to LA to spend their anniversary week with Jen.”

She likes the stuff: Here is the Cake star's ads for the Glaceau company

The famous actress known for her role in Cake has been appearing in ads for Glaceau lately, promoting products she loves. When it comes to her personal life, she enjoys simple pleasures like relaxing at home, sharing meals with friends and celebrating small milestones with her partner. She once mentioned that she and her partner felt like they were already married before tying the knot, and getting married didn’t change much for them. She also loves her spouse’s sense of humor, which keeps them both happy and energetic.

Out and about: Theroux and Aniston are pictured in New York in September

Back in September, the famous songstress was spotted exploring the bustling streets of New York City with her beau, Justin. What made people take notice was the fact that she had a bottle of SmartWater in hand, adding to the relaxation of their leisurely walk.

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