“Kylie Jenner Unveils New Nightmare on Elm Street Makeup Collection Amid Controversy Over Campaign”

Kylie Jenner faced backlash after revealing her Freddy Krueger-inspired makeup collection on Tuesday, but that didn’t stop the 24-year-old from promoting her Halloween-themed line of products on Instagram Wednesday. In the latest promotional shoot for Kylie Cosmetics, the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan is seen wearing a sleeveless beige bodysuit and glossy red knee-high boots.

As usual for her, Kylie Jenner appeared on Instagram Wednesday to continue promoting her Halloween-themed line of products. “IN YOUR DREAMS, wearing ELM STREET lip lacquer from my Nightmare on Elm Street collection launching 10.12,” the beauty maven wrote underneath the pair of photos peddling her brand’s new goods. The expectant mother sits on a carpeted bedroom floor with her back resting against a bed. Nearby, there’s a striped red and green sweater on the floor, a nod to the distinctive outfit of the famed horror movie character. Jenner’s raven locks are side swept, falling over one shoulder in full and glamorous waves as she smolders in a red lip and red pendant earrings.

Jenner’s dark locks are swept to the side, cascading over one shoulder in full and glamorous waves as she poses with a red lip and red pendant earrings. The billionaire’s long nails are also painted in a burgundy hue with raised monochrome decals. A third photo from the shoot can be found on Kylie Cosmetics’ Instagram account, featuring the reality TV star sitting on a bed and flaunting a faux wound dripping down her bicep. In the background, an outtake of a casually hanging bikini-clad Kylie can be seen on the wall.

Moreover, followers of the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account can find a third photo from the series, featuring the reality TV star sitting on the bed and flaunting a dripping, faux wound on her bicep. On Monday, the cosmetics queen got gory as she stripped naked to let fake blood pour over her body in a promo video teasing what was to come. The mother-of-one caressed her nude figure to creepy sounds inspired by Krueger, the star of the 1984 slasher film A Nightmare On Elm Street. “Can you guess who we collaborated with this year for Halloween?” the reality star asked in the caption, adding, “Collection reveal coming today.” However, some viewers were not impressed with the sexy and spooky display.

Some viewers did not find the sexy and spooky display very impressive. One user on the app commented, “You should collaborate with Jesus. THAT would be something to be proud of.” Another asked, “Why do you always have to have your body displayed with everything you are promoting?” while another simply wrote, “This is a no.” Criticism continued with a follower stating, “This is sick and that’s NOT a compliment!” Meanwhile, Kylie’s big sister Khloe Kardashian joined in to offer positivity, saying “My spooky queen!!!!!! Come on and shut it down.” And momager Kris Jenner crowned her youngest daughter “Halloween Queen.”

Moving one step further, Travis Scott’s girlfriend was featured in additional snapshots for the October collaboration wearing a red and cream bodysuit resembling Freddy’s scarred skin. The swimwear designer also incorporated long talons reminiscent of the fictional character’s iconic razor-claw glove. This image was utilized on the packaging for the themed makeup palette.

The themed makeup palette features packaging with an image of “scarred skin.” This concept is utilized to enhance the visual appeal of the product.
Source: Daily Mail website.

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