“Long Hair, Don’t Care: Shakira’s Tresses Are Nearly Floor Length”

During April, Shakira was awarded the prestigious title of Latin Woman of the Year by Billboard. She also received recognition at the first-ever Mujeres Latinas en la Müsica celebration in May. As a result, Shakira has made history as the first Latina woman to receive such an honor from Billboard.

Shakira was invited by Billboard to participate in their Latin Music Week event from October 2 to 6. During a Q&A session, she sported incredibly long hair that I had never seen her wear before.

We couldn’t help but notice how effortlessly Shakira’s hair fell in loose waves, prompting us to question the secret behind their creation. Given her naturally curly hair, it’s unlikely that she simply washed and left it to air dry before attending the event. It appears as if the waves were intentionally kept loose and lived-in, possibly due to aged curls that have lost their bounce or Shakira’s own interpretation of beachy waves.

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