“Mom on a Mission: Cheering for Son Milan at Valencia’s Baseball Game with Sasha Amidst Divorce from Ex Gerard Pique.”

Over the past weekend, Shakira was seen enthusiastically cheering on her son Milan at his baseball game in Valencia. Despite her recent separation from husband Gerard Pique, the 45-year-old singer appeared comfortable and laid-back in her outfit, donning a $500 Balenciaga Maison logo-print cotton T-shirt, jeans, and a baseball cap to avoid drawing attention away from her son. Additionally, Shakira demonstrated her unwavering support by giving her nine-year-old son a kiss on the lips, displaying her pride for Milan’s achievements on the field.

Whenever, wherever: Shakira's kiss for her boy! Smiling Singer proudly watched her son Milan's baseball game in Valencia over the weekend amid her divorce from ex Gerard Pique

Over the weekend, Shakira was spotted at her son Milan’s baseball game in Valencia. Despite the ongoing divorce proceedings with Gerard Pique, the singer’s face lit up with pride as she cheered on her little one. It was a beautiful demonstration of maternal love and support during a challenging time.

So sweet: Shakira was dressed in a $500 Maison logo-print cotton T-shirt by Balenciaga and jeans and wore a baseball cap as she held hands with Sasha, seven

Isn’t this just the cutest thing? Shakira was spotted spending some quality time with her adorable son, Sasha. The two were seen holding hands while out and about. Shakira looked effortlessly stylish wearing a Balenciaga Maison logo-print cotton T-shirt, which costs approximately $500, paired with a simple pair of jeans and a baseball cap. She completed her look with high-end R13 Off-White Kurt Platform High-Top trainers, featuring a flatform heel, costing a whopping $1085. Although there have been recent reports of her footballer husband, Gerard Piqué, attending games, he was not present during this outing.

Better days: Shakira and Gerard had been together since 2011, after they met while filming the music video for her World Cup song Waka Waka the previous year; pictured in Barcelona together in April 2015

In 2011, Shakira and Gerard began a romantic relationship after meeting while working on her World Cup song, Waka Waka. Recently, the singer was seen out with her family, as well as with Gerard outside of a law firm where they are currently working on finalizing their divorce. The couple announced their split in July after being married for a dozen years, and there have been rumors of infidelity that have surfaced since then. It has come to light that Shakira may be using her music to work through some of the emotions she is feeling about the situation and to potentially resolve any remaining issues between her and her former partner.

Royal wave: The outing came after it emerged that Shakira seems to be settling scores with her ex via her music after the Spanish footballer was allegedly unfaithful

During a recent outing, Shakira was seen waving like royalty, leading to speculation that she may be using her music as a form of revenge against her ex-partner, a Spanish footballer who reportedly cheated on her.

Something to say: She first appeared to include a jab at Piqué in her single Te Felicito (I Congratulate You)

At first glance, Shakira’s single “Te Felicito” may have contained a subtle jab at her partner Piqué. The song contains a notable line that says, “To make you whole, I broke myself in pieces. I was warned, but I didn’t listen. Don’t tell me you’re sorry. I know you well, and I know you’re lying.” During an interview with Elle Magazine, the singer was asked about the meaning of this line and whether it was related to any marital issues she may have had. Lulu Garcia-Navarro asked if the lyrics implied that Shakira had to give up a part of herself during her relationship with Piqué, which made it challenging to regain that part later on.

Cosy and casual: She wore a pair of $1085 R13 Off-White Kurt Platform High-Top trainers which have a flatform heel

Relaxed and easy-going: Her feet were adorned with a fashionable set of R13 Off-White Kurt Platform High-Top sneakers, which carry a price tag of $1085 and are designed with a flatform sole.

Painful time: The outing comes as Shakira and Pique continue to try to hash out an agreement on their separation, with the pair recently being spotted outside of a law firm's office

Amidst the challenging separation negotiations with Pique, Shakira took a break and embarked on an outing. When inquired about what motivates her to create art, she disclosed that her personal experiences have a significant influence on her work. Her latest release, a music video starring Rauw Alejandro, showcases a robotic version of him and a romantic interest for Shakira. Interestingly, Rosalia, who is currently dating Rauw Alejandro, also makes an appearance in the video. Despite the ongoing separation proceedings with Pique, Shakira remains dedicated to her music career and keeps herself occupied.

Lots going on: As well as dealing with her looming divorce, Shakira's legal woes include an impending trial on charges of tax fraud

Shakira is currently dealing with several legal problems, including her divorce and an upcoming trial for tax fraud charges. According to Spanish prosecutors, she allegedly didn’t pay 14.5 million euros in taxes on her income between 2012 and 2014. Although Shakira has denied any wrongdoing and paid what she owed, she turned down a settlement offer and will now face six counts of tax fraud in court. Despite all this, the singer didn’t hold back about her separation from Pique in a recent interview with Elle Magazine’s October issue. She also commented on his new relationship with a younger woman.

More to come: Shakira has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and rejected a deal with authorities to avoid going to trial

Shakira has denied any wrongdoing and has chosen to go to trial rather than make a deal with authorities. During an interview with Lulu Garcia-Navarro, the singer shared the challenges she has faced since her breakup with Gerard Piqué, an athlete. Shakira mentioned that the extensive media coverage of her personal life has been difficult for her family, particularly her children. Despite her efforts to shield them from the situation, they still come across unpleasant news online or through their friends. The couple ended their twelve-year relationship in June, and Piqué has already moved on with a new partner. Recent images depict him passionately kissing his 23-year-old love interest at a festival in Catalonia.

Break-up: Shakira and Gerard split four months ago (pictured with their children Milan, nine, and Sasha, seven)

It’s been four months since Shakira and Gerard parted ways. Recently, the talented songstress was spotted with a cheerful smile on her face while attending her son Milan’s baseball match in Valencia.

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