“Pique and Shakira manage to avoid conflict and find calm after the storm”

According to insiders in Spain, it appears that the ex-defender, Gerard Pique, and the popular singer, Shakira, have put their differences aside since their initial separation. They are no longer quarreling or engaging in conflicts with one another.

According to an article in the Vanitatis newspaper, sources close to Shakira and Pique state that the couple has finally found peace after a difficult year. They are reportedly working out the terms of their separation in a calm manner, without any further conflicts or problems. Both parties seem committed to following through with their separation agreement, as confirmed by those close to Shakira and Pique’s friends and family.

The couple who used to have a lot of talent now lead separate lives, but still share the responsibility of taking care of their two children, Milan and Sasha. According to sources in Spain, there are no longer any disputes, arguments or tension between them, unlike when they first separated. Pique and Shakira had a very public breakup last summer amid rumors of infidelity on the part of the former Barcelona star, and the Colombian singer also made waves with her songs about their past relationship. It was rumored that there was some sort of secret feud going on between the two.

According to reports, Shakira has a positive outlook on life and isn’t bothered by rumors of her dating racing driver Lewis Hamilton. She’s enjoying her new lifestyle and doesn’t let others’ opinions affect her. Meanwhile, Pique is becoming more attached to his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti. They spent the summer living in Pique’s house in Cabrils while their apartment in Barcelona was being renovated. Recently, they have relocated to Miami to spend time with their children before the new school year begins.

According to the Mamarazzis podcast, reporters Lorena Vázquez and Laura Fa have shared that Shakira was frustrated when her ex-boyfriend Gerard Pique didn’t prioritize spending as much time with their children during their vacation. Shakira reportedly desires a location that is convenient for Pique and their kids to rest, preferably in Miami. While the couple has reconciled, their relationship isn’t entirely seamless, as per the source.

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