Shakira’s Brave Move: Confronting Possible Imprisonment for Tax Evasion

Shakira was spotted leaving a Miami airport with her two sons on Tuesday amidst reports that she may face an eight-year sentence for tax fraud. Spanish authorities accuse the singer of falsely claiming to have lived abroad from 2012 to 2014 while actually residing in Spain with soccer star Gerard Piqué. The couple recently separated following allegations of infidelity on Piqué’s part. In response to the charges, Shakira is reportedly considering a permanent move to Miami, where she was seen arriving from Los Angeles with her sons after attending an LA Dodger’s game. Despite the accusations, Shakira has already paid back $15.5 million in unpaid Spanish taxes and over $3 million in interest. Her spokesperson maintains that she has always cooperated with the law and followed the advice of her tax firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers. Shakira left the airport with her sons, putting on a brave face.

Shakira is said to be planning to leave the country trying to jail her, and eyeing a permanent move to Miami ¿¿ where she was seen stepping off a plane with her boys Sasha, seven, and Milan, nine

According to reports, Shakira is considering a permanent move to Miami due to her ongoing legal issues in her home country. She was recently seen at the airport in Miami with her sons, Sasha and Milan, wearing a beautiful peach-colored summer dress, white espadrille platforms, and a matching purse. Shakira wore her thick brown hair down, parted in the middle to show off her natural beauty. Despite rumors of a divorce and tax scandal, the singer has been actively promoting her work on social media, especially her role as a judge on NBC’s Dancing With Myself. However, she also shared a rare photo of her sons at Dodger’s stadium in Los Angeles, thanking the team for making them feel at home.

Brave face: The Colombian superstar, 45, put on a brave face around her boys Sasha, seven, and Milan, nine, as they made their way through the airport

Doting mom: The doting mom walked hand-in hand with her boys, who both sported matching outfits, consisting of red T-shirts and black shorts

Shakira recently shared on her Instagram account that the trio had just returned from Los Angeles, where they had a great time watching an LA Dodger’s game together.

The singer and her ex husband Gerard Pique announced they had split in May after 11 years together amid unconfirmed reports the footballer had cheated. The former couple are said to be negotiating the future home of their two children, as Shakira wants to move to Miami with them

After being together for 11 years, Shakira and Gerard Pique decided to separate in May amid rumors that Pique was unfaithful. They are currently discussing custody arrangements for their two children and where they will live, as Shakira intends to move to Miami with them. Recently, the singer was seen walking with her sons, who were dressed in matching red T-shirts and shorts with sneakers. During the walk, Sasha gave his mother a gentle kiss on her hand. Earlier in May, Shakira shared a photo of her sons kissing her cheeks during a family beach day in honor of Mother’s Day. While she finds healing power in the kiss, Shakira is facing legal trouble as she has been accused of tax fraud worth $15.5 million, which could result in a jail term of up to eight years. If found guilty, she would miss nearly half of her children’s childhood before being released.

Mom of two: She shares the kids with Spanish football player Gerard Piqué, 35, whom she recently split from following cheating accusations

A mom of two kids has joint custody with Spanish football star Gerard Piqué. Sadly, they recently split up following rumors of cheating.

Stylish: She accessorized the look with a matching peach purse, which she wore looped over her wrist

Stylish: She paired her attire with a lovely peach handbag that she carried by looping it around her wrist for a chic look.

Effortless: The beauty wore her voluminous brunette tresses parted in the middle and cascading down her shoulders

The beautiful woman effortlessly showed off her luscious brown hair, parted neatly down the middle and cascading elegantly down to her shoulders.

Doing okay: She was seen flashing a smile, despite the serious allegations she's facing

Doing okay: She was seen flashing a smile, despite the serious allegations she's facing

Despite facing serious allegations of fraud, the popular Colombian singer was seen smiling brightly. Reports suggest that Spanish authorities are seeking a staggering $24.5 million in fines from her for allegedly committing six counts of fraud against the state between 2012 and 2014. The mother-of-two declined an out-of-court settlement that would have required her to admit guilt. She has already repaid the money she is suspected of owing the treasury, along with over $3 million in interest. Prosecutors have officially filed charges against her in a Barcelona court, but she remains upbeat.

Legal issues: It comes after the star has been warned by Spanish prosecutors that she could be jailed for eight years if she is found guilty of an alleged $15 million tax fraud

Staying close: The protective mom kept her boys close to her as they walked

There are rumors floating around that Shakira tried to reignite the flame with her baby daddy twice, but sadly, Pique wasn’t feeling it either time. As a result, they went public with their breakup.

Fine: Spanish prosecutors are also demanding a fine of $24.5 million for the singer, who is charged with six counts of defrauding the state between 2012 and 2014

Sure: According to reports, the Spanish government is seeking a fine of $24.5 million from the singer on top of six allegations of defrauding the state from 2012 to 2014.

Serious: Shakira - full name Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll - is accused of pretending to live abroad and using a complex offshore corporate structure to avoid tax

Informal: Yo, have you caught wind of what’s happening with Shakira? Word on the street is that she’s in hot water for allegedly falsifying her residency and employing some shady offshore business tactics to avoid paying taxes. That’s pretty wild, don’t you think?

The ex: She is accused of using the illegal arrangement from 2012 and 2014, when she was in a relationship with footballer Gerard Pique who lives and plays in Barcelona

There are allegations against Shakira, also known as Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, regarding an unlawful agreement that occurred between 2012 and 2014. During this time, she was in a romantic relationship with Barcelona-based footballer Gerard Pique. Shakira has been accused of using a complex offshore corporate system to evade taxes while pretending to live abroad. According to Spanish Tax Authority regulations, individuals staying in Spain for over 183 days annually are considered residents for tax purposes. Officials thoroughly investigated Shakira’s tax affairs, including her social media activity and visits to hairdressers in Barcelona, to prove she spent the majority of the disputed years in Spain. The investigation revealed that Shakira spent 242 days in Spain in 2012, 212 days in 2013, and 243 days in 2014. Prosecutors claim that the time Shakira spent away from Spain was only due to sporadic work engagements, which she denies.

Sweet! Sasha was seen giving his mom a gentle kiss on her hand

Sweet! Sasha was seen giving his mom a gentle kiss on her hand

Wow, it’s amazing! There’s a video capturing Sasha tenderly kissing his mother’s hand.

Fresh faced: The songbird was fresh-faced for the outing, letting her natural beauty shine through, wearing just a touch of black eyeliner and pink lipstick

Radiating beauty: During her recent outing, the singer’s natural look highlighted her stunning features. With just a touch of black eyeliner and pink lipstick, her fresh-faced glow shone through.

Arriving: She was seen arriving to the airport in a black SUV

As she arrived at the airport, everyone’s attention was drawn to her stylish black SUV.

Little gentleman: After Shakira got out of the car, Milan was seen closing the door behind her

Little gentleman: After Shakira got out of the car, Milan was seen closing the door behind her

When Shakira got out of the car, her son Milan quickly ran to close the door for her. This touching moment demonstrated the strong connection between mother and son, and how Milan was already showing signs of being a courteous gentleman at such a tender age.

Stay with mom: She quickly grabbed her boys by the hand as they made their way inside

Chilling with mom: She grabbed her kids’ hands swiftly and took them inside the building. There were rumors of Pique’s unfaithfulness earlier this year, which caused the couple to separate. Although Shakira tried to mend things twice, Pique declined and they eventually went their separate ways. However, they have succeeded in keeping things amicable and can be seen hanging out together at their kids’ sports events.

Unfaithful: The singer and Pique split earlier this year amid allegations in local media that Pique had been unfaithful

Tried to make it work: Shakira is said to have tried to rekindle the relationship twice but was rebuffed by Pique, before the pair confirmed their separation

Earlier this year, the singer and Pique ended their relationship. According to local media reports, Pique was unfaithful.

Cordial: Despite the split, the couple seem to have remained on civil terms and have been seen attending their children's sports games together

Casual: Despite their breakup, the former couple seems to have kept a cordial relationship and have been seen together at their children’s sporting events.

A move to Miami? The former couple are said to have spent the last few weeks negotiating the future of their two children because Shakira wants to move to Miami with them

Is it true that Shakira and her former partner are considering relocating to Miami with their children? It seems that they have been in discussions over the past few weeks to determine the best course of action for their kids, as Shakira is keen on moving to Miami with them. However, Shakira is currently dealing with yet another unfair lawsuit from the Spanish Tax Office, which has a history of losing cases against taxpayers. Despite this, she remains optimistic that justice will prevail, and she will be exonerated of all charges. In the past, Shakira was a tax resident of the Bahamas and only became a full tax resident of Spain in 2015. As a result, she is now obligated to pay Spanish taxes on her entire income.

Law abiding citizen: A spokesman for Shakira said of the tax fraud allegations: 'Shakira has always cooperated and abided by the law, demonstrating impeccable conduct as an individual and a taxpayer'

The spokesperson for Shakira has addressed the allegations of tax fraud, affirming that the singer has always abided by the law and acted with responsibility in terms of taxation.

Confident: 'Shakira is confident that her innocence will be proven by the end of the judicial process,' they added

Sources have reported that Shakira remains hopeful that she will be proven innocent as the legal proceedings come to a close. The same sources have also stated that she is feeling positive about the final outcome of the judicial process.

Investigation: Tax inspectors spent more than a year checking up on the star, even visiting her favourite hairdressers in Barcelona and checking her social media to try to show she spent most of the three years in dispute in Spain

The conclusion: They concluded she had spent 242 days in Spain in 2012, 212 days in 2013 and 243 days in the country in 2014

The famous personality was subjected to an extensive inquiry by the tax officials that lasted for more than a year. They went to the extent of inspecting her preferred hair salon in Barcelona and keeping an eye on her online movements, all in the hopes of substantiating their claim that she had spent the majority of the contested three-year duration in Spain.

No settlement: It comes after she rejected an out-of-court settlement that would have involved her admitting wrongdoing

The reason for the lack of a final decision is because she declined an out-of-court settlement that would have demanded her to admit her responsibility.

No wrongdoing: Shakira has denied any wrongdoing

Reimbursed: She has already settled the alleged debt to the national treasury, including an approximate interest of £3 million.

No date: A date for the trial has not yet been set with some analysts predicting an eleventh-hour deal could still be struck before Shakira is asked to take the stand

At the moment, there is no definitive date for Shakira’s trial and some professionals are assuming that she may strike a deal before it even commences. In May, after being together for 11 years, Shakira and Pique decided to go their separate ways, which led to rumors of infidelity on Pique’s side. Since then, the two have been in negotiations about the custody and living arrangements of their children as Shakira wants to move with them to Miami.

Father of her kids: The alleged fraud took place around the time Shakira moved to Barcelona to live with Gerard, who plays football in the city; Pictured in 2014

According to reports, Shakira is believed to have deceived fans during her time in Barcelona, where she moved to be with her partner Gerard, a football player, and their children. This information is supported by a picture from 2014.

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