Shakira’s discreet kitchen cabinets ‘effortlessly blend’ with their minimalist surroundings

Shakira is a celebrated force in the music industry, but a glimpse inside her kitchen suggests as much of a trendsetter in the interior world. The Colombian singer has officially taken minimalist kitchens to new heights – literally and metaphorically – after sharing her ‘invisible’ cabinets stretching to the ceiling while keeping all her possessions firmly out of sight.

These handle-less cabinets seamlessly blend into the singer’s all-white kitchen: a space that serves as minimalist-lovers’ dream. With its towering size, neutral coloring, and non-existent hardware, the cabinets could, at a glance, pass as Shakira’s kitchen wall – and it’s a look sure to catch on among minimalists.

In the footage, Shakira is seen mopping her kitchen rug while wearing high heels (a sentence I never thought I’d write, but I guess, why not?), and while we love this whole (albeit bizarre) set-up, we believe these cabinets deserve an honorable mention – and designers do, too.

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‘Discreet cabinets are a great choice because they allow you to have a uniform look while also providing storage, and, kitchens aside, they can be used in any type of room,’ says New York-based designer Emma Beryl.

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