“Shakira’s Studio Spree: Parking Woes Fall on Gerard Piqué’s Shoulders”

Last Thursday, Shakira made a slight parking mistake on a street corner in Barcelona, Spain. Her silver Mercedes-Benz was parked slightly protruding into the middle of the road with two wheels on the pavement. Although this may have given female drivers a bad reputation, the 36-year-old Colombian singer didn’t seem to mind. She walked into a nearby recording studio with a cheerful smile and handed her car key over to one of the employees.

What do you call that? Shakira arrived in a hurry to the recording studio and parked her Audi Q8 on the corner of the street

Do you know the term for that? Shakira hurriedly drove her Audi Q8 to the recording studio and parked it on the nearby street.

What is that? Shakira did not do a very good job parking her Mercedes in Barcelona on Thursday

Hey, did you notice what happened to Shakira’s car when she parked it in Barcelona? She seemed to have misjudged the parking space a bit, but that didn’t stop her from looking as stylish as ever. Shakira rocked a ribbed gray top, ripped denim jeans, and studded black boots, while carrying a black leather bag around her neck and her coat. Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she kept her makeup simple with just a touch of cheek blush, black mascara, and nude lipstick. Despite the parking hiccup, Shakira still managed to exude coolness and fashion sense.

Run! Shakira quickly ran up to the gentleman holding out her car key so that he could park the vehicle for her

Quickly, Shakira rushed over to the man and gave him her car key so he could park her car.

Natural beauty: Despite in a rush, Shakira still managed to look effortlessly stunning in her casual ensemble

Shakira seemed stunning in her casual attire despite having a busy schedule. While she was working in the studio, her partner, Gerard Piqué, arrived following his training with Barcelona’s football team. After spotting Shakira’s car, Gerard took the initiative to park it in a more convenient location. He donned a relaxed vibe in his Nike hoodie, black Nike trainers and dark grey tracksuit bottoms.

Doing it himself: Gerard Piqué arrives at the music studio, and decides that he would park Shakira's car for her

Arriving at the music studio, Gerard Piqué takes the initiative to park Shakira’s car. His style is on point with a white Nike T-shirt peeking out from under his unzipped look. The footballer sports a rugged appearance with his messy brown hair and beard. He has been in a romantic relationship with Shakira since 2010, and they welcomed their son, Milan Piqué Mebarak, on January 22 of last year.

Sorting it out: Gerard Piqué opens the car door so that he can park it better than his girlfriend

Gerard Piqué showcased his parking prowess as he stepped out of the vehicle to tweak its position while his significant other, Shakira, occupied the passenger seat. During an interview with Glamour magazine, Shakira divulged how her beau influenced her choice to abandon dieting. She disclosed that Piqué prefers his women to flaunt curves and not be excessively thin, which helped alleviate some of the stress she felt to sustain a specific weight. With an album in the works and a child to care for, Shakira is taking it easy on workouts this month and indulging in some delectable pastries instead.

Attracting a crowd: Gerard Piqué stopped to chat to passers-by as he arrived to meet Shakira

Upon his arrival to meet Shakira, Gerard Piqué took a moment to engage with passersby. The renowned couple recently announced their collaboration with Rihanna, titled Can’t Remember To Forget, which is slated for release on January 13th. This track is anticipated to be the first official single from Shakira’s upcoming 2014 album. The singer informed her 23 million Twitter followers of this news and inquired if they were prepared for its release. Apart from her music career, Shakira will resume her role as a coach on The Voice US when the program returns on February 24th. Recently, she parked her vehicle carelessly on a street corner and entrusted Piqué to attend to the issue.

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