“The Mesmerizing Jennifer Aniston Glams Up in a Deep Neckline Gown for SmartWater’s Latest Ad Campaign”

On a Tuesday, Jennifer Aniston was seen at a SmartWater photo session in Universal City, Los Angeles. She looked gorgeous in a black and white floor-length gown that emphasized her chest area. Although her spouse, Justin Theroux, was not present, she appeared to be cozying up to an attractive gentleman. Instead of sporting casual clothes like denim and a top, Aniston went for a sophisticated appearance. See the video below for additional information.

A special friend: Jennifer Aniston caressed a man on the set of a SmartWater photo shoot in the Universal City neighborhood of Los Angeles on Tuesday

Just the other day, SmartWater held a photo session in the Universal City neighborhood of LA, and guess who was there? None other than Jennifer Aniston! While at the shoot, she was caught on camera giving a heartfelt embrace to a man, suggesting that he holds a special place in her heart.

Is he fixing her dress? The Friends vet was not in jeans and a T-shirt either. Rather the beautiful blonde was dressed to the nines as she showed off her chest in a plunging  white gown

Is it possible that he’s fixing her gown? The main actress from the hit TV series Friends chose to dress up in a sophisticated manner, choosing a gorgeous white dress that emphasized her décolletage and left her looking stunning.

She can't lose the guy! The salt and pepper mystery man was most likely the photographer for the stylish shoot

During a recent photo shoot, Jennifer Aniston was spotted giving undivided attention to a mystery man with salt and pepper hair. The actress seemed to hold his company in high regard, showing ease and comfort around him. At one point, she even placed her hands on his neck and face while taking a break from posing. Aniston looked stunning as usual, with long, straight blonde hair, dramatic red-carpet makeup, and her engagement ring from Wanderlust co-star. The man, who appeared to be the photographer for the water bottle company’s shoot, kept it casual in a plain white t-shirt, black jeans, and white sneakers while operating the camera.

Bling it on! Aniston also was wearing her diamond engagement ring from her Wanderlust co-star Justin Theroux

Bling it on! Aniston also was wearing her diamond engagement ring from her Wanderlust co-star Justin Theroux

Let’s spice things up! Aniston flaunted her stunning engagement ring, a gorgeous diamond given to her by her partner and Wanderlust co-star, Justin Theroux.

Here's looking at you, kid! The beauty was ravishing with her long blonde locks stick straight and her makeup done in a dramatic red-carpet style

Hello there! Oh my goodness, you are absolutely gorgeous! This woman’s hair was a beautiful, lengthy and smooth blonde that cascaded down her back. She had expertly applied makeup with a daring and striking touch, resembling a Hollywood celebrity at an awards show.

Hair today: Aniston seemed to be in good spirits as she  played with her golden locks

Hair today: Aniston seemed to be in good spirits as she  played with her golden locks

During a recent set visit, Jennifer Aniston appeared to be in good spirits as she played with her beautiful blonde hair. Accompanied by her longtime hairstylist and Living Proof co-founder, Chris McMillian, and a skilled female makeup artist, the actress ensured that she looked her best. Aniston was also seen holding an iPad and amusing herself with her hair styling antics. The actress recently graced the cover of Vogue and married fellow actor Justin Theroux at their lavish Bel-Air mansion in August 2015. The guest list included actresses Sandra Bullock and Courteney Cox. Following their nuptials, the happy couple honeymooned in Mexico before settling into their New York home for the past year.

Her steady dude: Also seen on set was Aniston's longtime hairstylist Chris McMillian who she launched Living Proof with

Jennifer Aniston is often seen with her longtime hairstylist, Chris McMillian. The two were recently seen working together on a project, which is not unexpected considering their strong professional bond. It’s worth mentioning that Aniston and McMillian collaborated to launch the prosperous hair care line called Living Proof.

That looks like it hurts! Chris, who has also worked with Kim Kardashian, pulled on the Emmy winner's tendrils

“Wow, that looks like it hurts!” Chris gently pulled on the hair of the Emmy award-winning celebrity, who happened to have worked alongside Kim Kardashian.

She earns it! The Bruce Almighty star had to bend her back to let her McMillian do his thing

Jennifer Aniston has been managing her acting career and standing by her husband, Justin Theroux, who was filming The Leftovers in Australia while she worked on Office Christmas Party in New York. Though there were rumors of her pregnancy earlier this year, Justin applauds Jennifer’s ability to handle life’s obstacles and reach her goals.

Lash fix: It also looked as if her makeup artist was pulling off one of her lashes

Her eye makeup looked stunning, but there seemed to be an issue with her lashes. It was clear that the person responsible for her makeup was having some trouble getting them just right. Did this catch your attention too?

Does it really take this many people to shoot a picture? Apparently, yes. There were at least a dozen people on set. And there is Jennifer's mystery man behind the camera

Do you really need a dozen people just to snap one picture? That’s what it looked like on set, with Jennifer and her partner adding to the already crowded scene. But despite all the people around them, it was clear that their relationship was stronger than ever. They recently celebrated their first anniversary in a meaningful way, with Justin going the extra mile to fly from Australia to Los Angeles so they could spend time together. An insider told People magazine, “Justin flew from Australia to LA to spend their anniversary week with Jen.”

She likes the stuff: Here is the Cake star's ads for the Glaceau company

The renowned celebrity who gained fame through her performance in Cake has recently been featured in Glaceau advertisements, endorsing products that she truly adores. As for her private life, she takes pleasure in uncomplicated joys like unwinding at home, enjoying meals with companions, and marking small achievements with her significant other. She once revealed that her partner and she felt as though they had already been wedded before they exchanged vows, and their marriage did not cause any drastic changes in their relationship. Moreover, she is fond of her spouse’s sense of humor, which brings joy and liveliness into their lives.

Out and about: Theroux and Aniston are pictured in New York in September

In September, the renowned female vocalist was seen wandering around the lively roads of New York City alongside her partner, Justin. The noteworthy aspect was that she carried a SmartWater bottle, enhancing the laid-back vibe of their casual stroll.

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