The Timeless Comeback of Jennifer Aniston’s Iconic 90s Accessory: A Fashion Trend That Endures.

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Jennifer Aniston’s fashion choices from the ’90s have remained timeless and it’s easy to see why. Whenever I look at her pictures from that time, I find myself saying, “I would wear that today!” Her style, from sleek date-night dresses to colorful shoulder bags, is evidently influencing current fashion trends in 2019. One accessory that she consistently rocked back then, even on the red carpet, was sunglasses – and it’s an accessory we can easily incorporate into our current wardrobes.

Do you remember those small black frames with rim-less lenses? I recently came across a similar pair at Topshop. And those tiny gold aviators she wore while watching a tennis match with Vince Vaughn? Many brands are now producing their own versions. Jen’s face shape is perfect for pulling off any silhouette, which is why she has been spotted wearing virtually every style you can find when browsing your preferred retailer’s “sunglasses” page.

Despite the quirky designs available today, Jen’s shades may appear simple. However, that’s what made them so versatile – they complemented almost every outfit she wore, even the fanciest ones. Thus, let us guide you on how to embrace Jennifer Aniston’s iconic ’90s and ’00s sunglasses collection and make it your own.

Tiny Sunglasses

Back in the late 1990s, it was quite common to catch Jen sporting small sunglasses. One snapshot captured her donning a pair while walking around LA in denim shorts, a comfortable hoodie, and flip-flops.

Back in 2001, there was a sighting of Jen in the streets of LA rocking a timeless black tee and some cool cargo pants. Interestingly enough, this ensemble gave off a vibe reminiscent of another occasion where she sported a similar style.

In the year 1999, there was a momentous occasion when Jen and Brad Pitt were spotted shopping in LA. What caught everyone’s attention was the fact that they were both wearing small-sized outfits that looked almost identical.


Jen has been a long-time admirer of aviator sunglasses, although during the 90s, she favored a smaller version. But with the turn of the millennium, she switched to the shield style. Back in 1995, she donned a classic pair of aviators that complemented her floral slip dress and woven shoulder bag while spending time with Matthew Perry, her Friends co-star.

Back in 2004, Jen made the decision to put on a cool pair of Armani shield sunglasses and paired them with a snazzy blazer while out and about in Santa Monica. These shades not only had a distinct style, but they also shielded her eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

At the 2006 French Open, Jennifer teamed up with Vince Vaughn who sported a similar style of gold-rimmed aviator sunglasses to her own, despite his slightly larger physique.

Bug Eye

Jen hopped on the trend of bug eye sunglasses that were popular in the 2000s. She had a special pair that featured cutouts at the corners and were made in two different colors.

Back in 2009, Jennifer Aniston was seen strolling around Brooklyn donning a chic double-breasted wool coat matched with some tortoise sunglasses. These timeless yet fashionable shades definitely brought sophistication to her entire outfit.

In 2009, Jen donned a fashionable and effortless look for her travels by choosing bug eye lenses. She effortlessly paired them with comfortable boyfriend jeans that were loose-fitting, revealing her cool and relaxed style as she moved through the airport.

Back in 2008, Jen left her former partner John Mayer’s house sporting a new pair of sunglasses with cutouts, paired with her trusty UGG boots.


Jen seems to have a strong preference for rim-less eyewear, which can be difficult to pull off. She experimented with this style by trying out different shapes and even pairing them with a backwards baseball cap in 1996.

Back in 2001, Jen was seen strolling around Soho, sporting a trendy pair of square glasses with a subtle purple hue.

In 2002, Jen added a stylish touch to her outfit by sporting a Beverly Hills bucket hat.

In 2004, during her stay in New York City, Jen exuded confidence while sporting the trendy aviator style. Her outfit not only kept her warm but also made her look effortlessly fashionable.

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Jen’s rimless square shades look just like the classic flip phone from 2002. It’s a photo that’s sure to catch your eye and hold your attention for a bit.

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